From the case study, you will learn how in a year and a half with the Marketing Link team, the cost of a Google Ads application has decreased 7.8 times for a website selling steel plastic windows.

PPC, Paid Social


Steel plastic windows

Business field

Kyiv, Ukraine



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Window Standard has been producing and installing high-quality plastic windows in Ukraine since 2000. The key to the company’s success lies in the constant use of innovative technologies. Window Standard produces plastic windows, and also offers a full range of services for individual production, delivery, installation, assembly and warranty and post-warranty service.

We started working with us in 2018.

See the review of Elena Pasevkina, Marketing Director Window Standard

We started marketing support for Window Standard in 2019. The main task was to increase the number of leads and applications and reduce the cost of the application.

We received the first results in the first weeks of work, the cost of an application in Google Ads decreased 2.3 times, and we also added Facebook Ads to the strategy.

Already in the second month of work, the Marketing Link team took another website for marketing promotion.

Starting in total with Google Ads and one website, during the year we have accompanied 4 other projects on PPC, Paid Social and SEO.

Монтажная область 11


✓ reduce the cost of a lead from Google Ads.

Монтажная область 13


✓ set up Google Ads;
✓ increase the number of applications.


7.8 times

Application cost has decreased

4 times

Conversion rate increased

How we set up analytics and lead tracking

Applications from the website

Applications from the website

Our client had problems tracking requests when the CRM changed.

During testing, the Marketing Link team set up Google Sheets and imported the data with the Google Analytics plugin.

Marketing Link team built customized Google Data Studio reports.

Paid social applications

Paid social applications

Our team helped with CRM integration for Google Ads applications.

We have set up the automatic transmission of Facebook Ads and Instagram Ads requests directly, we have integrated Paid social leads into CRM.



In the process of work, the client decided that it was necessary to change VoIP system.

Marketing Link specialists advised and talked about the features of different types of call tracking.


Due to the specifics of the industry, the number of competitors and the characteristics of the products of different window profiles, where the model of user behavior and purchases differs, Marketing Link specialists adhered to a strategy of separating all advertising sources.

In advertising, we have tried more than a hundred bundles of search queries.

Full openness and cooperation on the part of our client helped us: we counted CRM data, spending in Google Ads, even spending on other marketing contractors, statistics by months for the previous year before starting work.

Thanks to this data, we immediately found the strengths of advertising campaigns and ways to improve efficiency, and without changing the advertising budget, we made more leads.

In the process, the Marketing Link team focused more on CRO (Conversion Rate Optimizing) through widgets on the website. And it gave the result.

The cost of an application in Google Ads has decreased by 2.3 times
The cost of an application in Google Ads has decreased by 2.3 times


This is a brief and universal strategy specialists Marketing Link:

  • For each URL destination — use a separate ad campaig (if product category have dozens of popular filters — use dozens of campaigns, if service has some subtypes — use some different campaigns).
  • Each region where more than 10% traffic of all GEO — better to segment to different campaigns.
  • Use search remarketing to set different CPC for repeat visitors.
  • Organize DSA to separate campaigns (Google tries to recommend add DSA as a group, but it works worse).
  • Control of the cost of the application.
  • Testing ideas for improving CRO.
  • System work.


PeriodLead cost
before the start$ XXXX
second month of workcheaper by 2.3 times from $ XXXX
19th month of workcheaper by 7.8 times from $ XXXX
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