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Traffic and sales

Your business is not like the others. You have your own products, clients, and vision of growth. We have enough experience to help this vision to materialize. We communicate in a simple and clear way and can make a report of every spending on the project — we only work with a transparent and flexible budget, we propose only checked and develop individual strategies. “Estimation and timely correction of the promotion strategy” — you will not hear that kind of phrase from us. We don’t base our work on taking soar by search positions: the most important indicator is the growth of organic traffic.

Traffic depends on the positions, but it’s impossible to control them today. If you check them every hour, then you will see new indications for the same request every time, frankly speaking, they will be “shaking”. This means that the optimizers that apparently promote by positions are deceiving you because you can’t ignore the thing that you can’t affect — the search engines don’t have a magical button to “promote to the top” and the principle of the functionality of the ranking algorithms is revealed only when released.

SEO is the process of optimizing your online content so that a search engine likes to show it as a top result for searches of a certain keyword and to promote the company’s income. And search algorithms are not a secret. Even if Google doesn’t share this information, SEO experts and professionals know how to make websites more efficient. It’s not magic, it’s knowledge.

How we work

We listen to you. We measure every aspect of engagement with your business. We tailor our strategy to meet your goals and give you visibility. We are also looking for ways to become the personal marketing team. We can also cooperate with our current team and facilitate their work.


to get to know your business and identify your needs.

Create an SEO strategy

that is unique to you and your market. Because no other business is like yours.


strategy into action. Read below about the stages of project work.


and increase traffic, sales, and repeat visits to your business.


key indicators, adjusting the strategy to regular updates of search engines.

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Local seo

We focus on local search results for local services and offline stores. We set up Google My Business, work to improve online reviews.

We set up appropriate Schema markup for local businesses.

We get more than 95% backlinks from the actual region. And furthermore, we connect outreach, build citations and work with local listings.

Case study on Google Ads and SEO for a business producing fences and hedges

Google Ads applications have increased

by 5 times

YoY SEO traffic increased

by 65%
This is a case study of PPPs in the field of erotic goods: sometimes successful, sometimes very difficult

Increased ROAS

from 176% to 442%

Increased the effectiveness of ads campaigns

by 2.5 times
Google Ads case study: improving performance without changing the budget

Increased conversion rate

by 2.7 times

Leads increased

by 3.9 times
PPC, Paid Social case study

Application cost has decreased

7.8 times

Conversion rate increased

4 times

Important! We don’t include all the features and tuning details of certain campaigns in our portfolio, because we have NDA between clients, while other business owners don’t want important data to competitors. Therefore, for each client, we make an offer where we clearly specify the types of campaigns with which we start, and argue each decision.

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    When will the results be available?

    Now when you know that it’s impossible to control the search rankings: personalized search results, frequent, sometimes even daily algorithm updates that we have mentioned above; you may ask a sound question: “When will SEO start to generate leads and sales?”.

    We disappoint you a little. It depends on a number of factors: site ages, whether anyone has done its optimization before, topic of a website and competition, quantity content of websites, quality and quantity of the backlinks and many more ranking factors. All of the sites are different, their business goals differ but then nonetheless we can sketch a script within the first six months.

    1-2 month

    Check Your Website's SEO, keyword strategy and planning. If edits can be done quickly, then the technical SEO site audit will be done within one month. Usually the clients make edits during the first months but you have to remember that sooner you do that, the faster you will get the result. Also we start the work with backlinks and content creation immediately after payment and agreement.

    3-4 month

    Making changes to the website according to the result of the SEO audit. In some cases the website needs drastic measures and this can take a few months. If your website is in this position now, however, well we would do our work with the content and backlinks, you won’t see the results soon because the changes will take effect only after setting on.

    5-6 month

    We continue working with content and backlinks. You have already known how to distribute the budget in the best way and what to pay attention to by a continuous partnership. Technical tasks have been completed and you notice the results. Usually it takes around 4 to 6 month to see the results. But the results in half a year are preliminary and will grow from month to month. SEO has an accumulative effect and in a year the results will be even better — just be patient.

    Don't stop too quickly

    We have seen the impatience of the clients ruining all work.

    After 2-3 months some left saying that they hadn’t achieved results coveringing the costs. That tells us the unrealistic expectations and misunderstanding of the processes. Paid Ads completely cover the costs in the majority of the search terms, but don’t have an accumulative effect — after stopping your payments you will lose the traffic immediately. SEO brings income even after you stop investing into it.

    SEO — is a long-term marketing investment and you can’t consider them to be a solution for quick sales. However if your business is not just for a day, SEO will show one of the best ROI over time.

    The basics of our work
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    technical optimization

    We eliminate internal shortcomings so that your website looks almost perfect from the point of view of search engines.

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    Quality content

    Good content and search engine rankings are closely related.

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    Links are still the best way to build credibility and a high ranking. We carefully select donors.

    How much
    does SEO cost

    We don’t have a standard rate for all of the projects; there is no prepared price. It can’t exist with a proper promotion — every website is unique. Calculation of the marketing budget is connected to several factors. Let’s deal with each one out.

    SEO is an investment. We can’t say: “Allocate triple budget and traffic will grow three times as fast”. We can provide more work (write content, improve the backlinks). You should proceed from the possibilities. It’s reasonable to allocate 30% of all of the marketing budget on average to SEO.

    These factors affect the costs of promotion website:
    \01 Competition.
    \02 Locality.
    \03 Industries.
    \04 Search engines penalties.
    \05 Website’s age, quality of backlinks.


    Our clients can correct the budget rapidly because we use it the most open manner. We give work to several copywriters: both with low and high prices and don’t hide their contacts. You see how much and where we spent the budget, you can choose the services on your own.

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    Audit will change your business

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    Who doesn't need SEO

    Look at how Google treats sites’ search rankings for any competitive keyword. You will see Ads on the top. It’s good if there are only two advertisements, usually there are four. And only after all of Ads, which by the way are indistinguishable from Google’s search engine results visually come leaders. Exactly those websites that began investing into SEO around 10 years ago.

    If the online store has thousands of goods, the competitors have tens of thousands goods, well, in that case, the online store with thousands of goods will have only long-tail keywords on the top among online stores with the same range of goods. In this case, the best solution is Search Ads.

    Another example of fresh websites that don’t have enough content and backlinks. Buying Digital Advertising you attract people to the website at an early stage. You can sell goods or services from the first hours of the website launch. If you set up Search Ads properly it will always pay off and the customers will return from organic traffic.

    We recommend allocating a budget for the Paid Media, it will pay off and allow you to reinvest. With regard to SEO budget — as much as you can afford. As the organic traffic grows you can change PPC budget and test new directions.

    What our entrepreneur and marketing clients say
    Still in doubt? Order a free audit and consultation

    Audit will change your business

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    We work with amazing clients
    What has changed in SEO
    \ 01
    Keywords are no longer "keys"

    Some time ago the strategy consisted of getting rank number one in Google. You would choose 5-10 keywords, as you say “golden keywords”, would write content for them, earn backlinks — and voila. They brought most of the traffic. Until we’re hearing it from clients: “I need to be #1 on SERP”. But this approach is already in the past and we understand that people are stuck in this paradigm.

    Nowadays SEO doesn’t work like that. The search queries are done in natural language. They are more similar to usual search queries and they have a long-tail: not one, two or three — much more words. This is because people use voice search: Siri and Google Now, Alexa. People speak the phrases and don’t type symbols. That’s why they search queries include more details.

    \ 02
    Average loading time in seconds


    Manufacturing 2.7

    Bulletin boards 2.2

    Finances 2.4

    Media 1.8

    Retail 1.9

    Technology 2.1

    Tourism 2.2

    \ 03
    Download speed is more important than ever

    We remember the distant past when “slow” sites were all the rage. They could open for a few minutes, sometimes even more than ten. Even now, designers can offer you to make a preloader. But you don’t need a moving decorative element that will take the edge off waiting the visitors and will keep from thinking of closing the slow and clumsy site as soon as possible. You need to wait two seconds of loading. 1,8 seconds — even better. Google gives a scale for depending on search terms. Make your site faster, reduce the bounce rate and the search engine will fall in love with you.

    \ 04
    Special SERP elements and personalized search results

    When you were searching Google for the last time, did you click through and head over to a top webpage? Probably you could not have scrolled to it: Paid Ads, SERP features: Сarousel Results, Direct Answer, Direct Answer, Knowledge Graph, Knowledge graph with a map, Featured Snippet, Bottom, Right and Top paid block, Side, Top, Bottom shopping block, Top Stories for query, Related questions/People also ask, Top Stories for query and others. These new features are being added constantly. Besides that, SERP became adapted as we mentioned earlier.

    How Google and Microsoft evaluates websites

    Age and reputation

    If you want to be at the top of the search results, then you need to make the search engines trust your website. There are a lot of Google’s Ranking Factors, but let’s observe a position a new website takes by an example of the relations of a new business and a bank. Without doubt, a new business needs a working capital and the director applies to a bank. But the bank, in turn, will give him a loan reluctantly, if at all.

    New domain on the internet faces the same problem. If Google has just got to know you regardless of when you have registered the domain name at first, it will be suspicious of you. The age of your Domain is more important than a beautiful design and SEO. Regardless of how good your website is, only the way you got backlinks and their period interests Google.

    How did the website earn backlinks: consistently or in leaps and bounds? Were these backlinks from reliable sources? The algorithms remember and analyze everything, If you haven’t done anything for the website within two years and then you decided to get a lot of backlinks in two months — then it’s rather a minus to your website’s reputation. The same goes for the case when you regularly get links and stop in a sudden manner.

    Remember your old friend who you have known over a decade: did you trust that person the first day you met and in a few months, years? In order to gain the trust you should make an effort, but the trust only grows over the course of time.

    Content: quality, not quantity

    Weekly updated quality content is better for Google than a daily one but of lower quality. Google Panda was based on the user’s experience: the algorithm was detecting low quality and duplicated content.

    From the time of the release of this algorithm the search results improve and the tendency of trusting high quality content will grow. If you want to get Google traffic — don’t use software that generates backlinks, articles or something similar. Make an effort to create something useful for the user: the longer the visitors spend time reading, the stronger the quality signals Google gets from your site become.

    Google’s main goal is to provide users with the most relevant organic traffic in the shortest time possible. If you want to be at the top of the results, then you need to take care of the content resolving your visitor’s problem. If the page or website doesn’t solve the visitor’s problems than user goes to your competitor’s website and if the competitor’s content is better and the user dedicates more time for it, then the user behavior data turns on and the competitor’s website overcomes yours in the ranked list.

    Continuity of content creating is also very important: you can’t post quality content for a few months, then stop and wait that the ranking results won’t change.

    Mobility, adaptability and AMP

    The mobile search queries are already overcoming desktop queries. Given the trend, Google focused primarily on Mobile Search. Everything is made to work with mobility, nowadays AMP (accelerated mobile pages) are extremely relevant. By creating a mobile-friendliness website, you show Google that you keep up to date with tendencies and want to comply with high requirements. If your website doesn’t have mobile pages, then the desktop ones will lower in the rating.


    A backlink from Forbes will be much more valuable than thousands of low quality ones, especially if it’s from relevant content. This doesn’t exactly mean that you need a backlink from Forbes, but this doesn’t mean that you don’t have to find prestigious domains that will link you. Creating a “good” link profile is hard. If you focus on good content, then the backlinks will come naturally. This may take a long time, even too much. But you can speed the process up. Same as with content, you shouldn’t expect results overnight as the backlink profile has to accumulate gradually constantly and continue to increase.

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      What you were promised and why it didn't work

      Sales/growth start during the first month


      You shouldn’t talk about the growth during the first time of work, but rather when edits in technical tasks will be closed and the website will be completely re-indexed. But even if you have already had organic search traffic before, we don’t start our work from 0. This is the factor that SEO-specialistes influence indirectly and this is why only scammers speak of the beginning of the growth in the first month.


      Financial guarantees


      Backlinks, content cost money — they won’t return the money that is already gone. You can only expect a partial margin of the marketing services, but in reality this will be a dime.You will waste more time getting the money back.


      Promoting at their own expense if the KPI isn’t completed.


      At best, your project will be sent to “slow cook” — it’s possible that in a few months backlinks and content will work and you will get the promised results. Needless to say, no one will work on your project during those months? At worst, you will get fake visits and won’t even understand that — Google Analytics won’t show the bots. If there are some promises and binding to dates and traffic, then they can be filled with cheaply fake visits. For example, if you come to any sponsored content marketplace and post an ad «?utm_source=google&utm_medium=organic». This way the traffic is almost indistinguishable from being organic.


      «Cheap» SEO


      They will earn bad backlinks from questionable websites for your site, that's all. Always check with your contractor what the service does include and why the price is below market price. Most likely, that backlinks are poor-quality. And if you want to change the contractor, they will be taken away.


      Free programming support and content


      All of these services are already included into the price of other services. Believe us, the last price tag of the SEO will be even higher than of the companies that don’t include these “presents”. To offer you something for free, the company has to fail a lot or work with you for many years. For example, some SEO agencies promise two texts as a present. But the next two will cost as much as ten.


      Daily/weekly/real-time reports


      Some agencies still do track the positions. We have mentioned above the reason why this is useless, but it’s much more interesting that they can offer you to increase the budget if the ranked list is “shaken”. This won’t affect Google's rank situation but increase the agency's income tremendously. By the way, if you really need to show Google's top — you can track them every ten minutes until the needed results won’t be put randomly. You will see the current date in the report at the end.

      Degrees of price discrimination

      Price discrimination is the practice of setting different prices for similar goods and services, where the price difference is not related to costs.

      Promt Engineering

      You can learn to write prompts yourself.

      прийняти всі рекомендації Google Ads в кабінеті

      A case you would never want to repeat with your own project.

      You may be interested in other services

      We can help with all areas of online marketing: from advertising to complex integrations.

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