From the case study, you will learn how to increase traffic from zero to almost 3,000 visitors per month in a year and a half. Plus, how to sell more products through online payment, shopping ads, photography, and opening an offline store.

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PolMall sells floor coverings. Specialization — carpets and artificial grass. The company works without intermediaries, directly purchases goods in Europe. The advantage is that the price of goods is recalculated depending on the euro exchange rate.

Work with the Marketing Link team began in 2018.

See the review of Andrey Romankiv, co-owner of the online store of floor coverings PolMall.



Floor coverings

Business field

Kyiv, Ukraine


Our client PolMall wanted a comprehensive promotion, but the website was still in development.

We analyzed the demand in the flooring business, what numbers can be achieved, competitors’ traffic, what search queries competitors are working with, etc. The Marketing Link team made calculations on Google Ads and SEO budgets. And started to work.

Монтажная область 11


✓ increase sales from the website;

✓ increase organic traffic.

Монтажная область 13


✓ set up Google Ads;
✓ introduce technical SEO;
✓ increase the number of applications.


We shared areas of responsibility with our client. The client was responsible for working with the goods — photos of the assortment on the website, price updates, promotions and a loyalty program. We went into SEO, content, link building, Paid Social and Google Ads.

The Marketing Link team of this project now includes: copywriters, content manager, SEO specialist, Linkbuilder, Analyst, Paid Social specialist, PPC specialist, Head of PPC.


from 0 to 3000

Increased organic traffic

over 400 articles

Have written and published


Started working in May 2018 as soon as the website was ready. The website is made on the Horoshop platform. First of all, we set up metadata, titles, descriptions, keywords.

In the beginning, traffic to the website was zero. We got the first thousand organic users after 16 months. We crossed the next milestone of 2,500 traffic in four months. Now traffic is about 3,000 people monthly.

SEO has been growing for a long time, but after the first thousand visitors, growth has accelerated. This further confirms that SEO has a cumulative effect.

Working with content

For a year and a half, 75 articles were written for the blog, 363 texts for headings. After working out the headings of the website, texts were written on their combinations. Each page was linked with other pages of the site. The EAT pages of the website have also been worked out.

We tried to orient the website visitors as much as possible and answer their questions. Whatever a person is looking for — a blue carpet or a one-meter-wide carpet — they will get to the right page with up-to-date information.

We focus on the blog.

Working with content
Over the past year, the blog has attracted 12.67% of organic traffic to the website

Analytics show that users are interested in reading articles about the goods they want to buy. The Link Marketing team regularly checks which pages visitors spend more time on and improves those pages.

A few words about the pictures

Some competitors in the flooring industry use images that distort the color of the goods.

PolMall’s advantage was that only its own photos were posted on the website.

A few words about the pictures


We use only high-quality backlinks in the strategy.

Nick Lukashuk, CEO of

The average cost of earning a backlink is ~ $63. When it is important for us to increase traffic to a certain category in a few months, we earn more expensive backlinks.

Nick Lukashuk, CEO of

Backlink profile from January to December 2019:



To check the backlinks use SerpstatSimilarWebAhrefsCheck TrustXTools.

Digital Advertising

The Marketing Link team has worked with several audiences at Google Ads — B2B, designers and builders who do turnkey projects, as well as retail customers.

PPC was launched immediately in May 2018. We started with search campaigns, because Google Shopping in Ukraine was not yet fully functional, and there was no online payment on the website. Then online payment was set up, shopping ads were connected, and then smart shopping. These measures immediately increased the number of applications.

Set up dynamic remarketing.

During the work on the project, PolMall opened an offline store. We divided advertising campaigns and focused on the opportunity to come and buy goods in an offline store. Facebook ads targeted people who live near the store.

Growth in traffic and transactions from May 2018 to November 2019:

Digital Advertising

Paid Social

At the beginning, PolMall had no social media pages. We created company pages and did one or two publications a week. A few months later, we launched Facebook ads. We were not satisfied with the results of the campaign. Now we are allocating a small budget to maintain brand awareness on social media.

Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, offline store — all this increased the trust in the company, influenced the popularity of the brand and the number of conversions.


We hope that the growth of backlinks will give the expected results. And organic traffic will grow faster. We tested everything we could on Google Ads, so we will only optimize ads. We are planning to launch video ads. Work with call tracking.

Pay attention to your competitors, what promotion strategy they are following. Get inspired by ideas and bring them to life.


Working with social media is important, as is the content on the website. Social media don’t make leads, but they work with brand reputation.

Connect online payment on the website and use Shopping Ads. Here we got the bulk of leads. At the same time, do not stop testing other ad formats, experimenting with the target.

Please be patient with SEO. In SEO, it is important to overcome the thousandth traffic milestone. This can take a long time, but the growth rate is bound to accelerate.

What questions do you have about the PolMall case study? Share in the comments or write to us and we will find you the best promotion strategy.

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