Our client — the network of travel agencies SilpoVoyage — is not the first year on the market, and accordingly, we are not the first contractor. Previous digital marketing contractors worked as a percentage of the budget.

Our client’s business is seasonal, for comparison of efficiency we took data on Paid Ads of the same region, tours to the same country, and for the same month.

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CEO and marketer of travel agencies Silpo Voyage

We have been working with marketing.link for almost 4 years. We have previously collaborated with several agencies. And we decided to cooperate with marketing.link, because we understand for sure that we want to get results for our advertising budget, not idle boasts.



The cost per lead was reduced


Conversion rate increase

Start of work

Ad extensions (call extensions, sitelink extensions, callout extensions, and others) have been configured in your ad account. Keywords were only broad type and generated. Negative keywords were standard, without special features. GDN spent about 30% of the total advertising budget. GDN was set poorly.

List of works

  1. We started with the selection of keywords. As sources used:
    • added all keywords from previous contractors’ campaigns;
    • search terms from Google Ads;
    • Keyword Planner Google Ads;
    • data from the SerpStat tool and data from competitors.
  2. Clustered keywords using the Key Collector tool. Moved negative keywords to a separate table.
  3. We used a modified SKAG strategy for Google Ads Campaigns, where added keywords with adding one keyword in the two types (exact and extended broad) for each group.
  4. We had reviewed and excluded low search volume keywords for last year. Furthermore, we had checked all search terms per the last two years and manually created a big list of negative keywords.
  5. Previous contractors used to launch one Google Display Network (GDN) campaign with one group, without any audience.
    We had launched new ones (each for different targeting methods and):
    • keywords (all keywords) + placements (with excluded apps, and YouTube);
    • audiences + age + income (for more expensive tours);
    • keywords + topics;
    • remarketing + gender;
    • topics + audiences;
    • video campaign.
  6. The best strategy was keywords + look a like audience for list of remarketing for direction (keywords like Dominican Republic Tours and other ones combined with a look-a-like audience to visitors Dominican Republic pages on website of the best chain of tours agencies SilpoVoyage).

Results of work

ClicksAverage cost per clickConversion rate
Before8518$ 0,0770,61%
After7184$ 0,0580,71%

We systematically check what can be improved: which campaigns to scale, which groups to disable, and look for additional traffic growth opportunities.

We optimize Google ads:

  • adding negative keywords for search campaigns from the search term;
  • adding “good” keywords from search queries to individual ad groups in the SKAG format;
  • adjusting bids for keywords;
  • adjusting bids for device;
  • stop groups and keywords without impressions;
  • adjust bids for location;
  • adjusting budgets depending on the effectiveness of the campaign;
  • testing bidding strategies for better efficiency;
  • reduce the costs of campaigns that do not give conversions or give too expensive conversions;
  • we distribute budgets between campaigns according to their effectiveness;
  • testing DSA at the level of a different campaign;
  • we distribute budgets between campaigns according to their effectiveness;
  • testing DSA at the level of a different campaign;
  • testing search remarketing

These tasks allowed in the first weeks to optimize campaigns for the most effective return on investment. Further plans for constant analysis and improvement of advertising.

So, we reduced the cost of the application by 35%, the cost of the click by 24%, the average number of applications remained the same in terms of the same month, region and country.

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