A Thank You Page is a page displayed on the website after a visitor completes a target action, for example, placing an order. Quite often, marketers forget about this important element, so having a full-fledged thank-you page will significantly distinguish you among competitors and work for you daily and around the clock.

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What is a thank you page after payment?

A thank-you page after a purchase or subscribing to newsletters acts like a polite sales manager, emphasizing the importance of each customer. It opens automatically as soon as the user submits the filled-out form. Although its primary goal is to express gratitude, a Thank You Page can serve many other functions.

Examples of thank you pages from the web
Examples of thank you pages from the network

If you’re unsure what to say on a thank-you page, look at the websites of well-known brands. Typically, successful companies use this marketing tool, continuously improving it.

“Your customers and potential customers see your thank-you page immediately after filling out a form or making a purchase on your webpage. It acts similarly to a confirmation email — except visitors don’t have to decide whether to open it. Think of the thank-you page as the final step in the conversion process and the first step in customer retention“.

From the HubSpot article The 6 Best Thank-You Page Examples of 2022

Thank you pages
Thank you pages can be both a successful completion of the user’s task and not. Hint to your customer to make a second attempt if something goes wrong.

What is the purpose of the thank-you page?

What can be achieved using a thank-you page?

  1. Spread the word about the site to many people with the help of a loyal customer. Just offer them to share a link to the web resource on social media.
  2. Increase the average customer check. You can show what is often bought with a certain product (cross-selling) or demonstrate a more expensive product (upselling). The person has just placed an order, so they are ready to make decisions and spend money. Take advantage of this opportunity as soon as possible.

For example, a girl orders a night cream for the face from a Korean cosmetics website for the first time. On the thank you page, she sees the “Product of the Day” offer—a facial wash foam from the same series, even with a discount. It’s likely the cart will be replenished. It’s important that if the customer places another order on the same day, the manager can help place the order with one delivery.

  1. Turn a new buyer into a regular customer. A perpetual discount or a promo code valid for a certain time motivates further purchases in the same place.
  2. Strengthen trust in the brand. A great way is to show several positive reviews. Ideally, they should contain links, for example, to Instagram posts.
  3. Ask for a review, fill out a survey, or complete a short questionnaire.
  4. Offer professional consultation or free useful materials related to the use of the purchased product.
  5. Encourage the next action, for example, creating an account or downloading a mobile app.
  6. Invite to pages with useful articles on the website.
  7. Subscribe to an email newsletter, a private online community, etc.
  8. Simply intrigue, for example, by placing a short story related to a specific product on the thank-you page. Concise storytelling will be appropriate in the field of business mentoring, psychology, as well as for non-profit organizations.

During the development of a thank-you page, it’s important to consider at which stage of the sales funnel the user is. The structure and content of a Thank-You Page after ordering a product will differ from the content after applying for a lead magnet—a free product.

A site visitor who decides to download a lead magnet is at a relatively high level in your marketing funnel. They are interested in the site’s content that you offer, but they may not be 100% ready to make a purchase”.

The Art of the Thank-You Page: How to Make Any Confirmation Page Boost Your Business, The Leadpages Team

For example, if you are offering an e-book on targeting, suggest signing up for an individual consultation at a nominal price. Subtly encourage the website visitor to take the next step. The lead magnet should be truly useful and unique.

For the design of thank you pages, brands often use their corporate style or characters, mascots.
For the design of thank you pages, brands often use their corporate style or characters, mascots.
Engage your imagination, add humor when designing the page, and speak to the customer in simple language.
Engage your imagination, add humor when designing the page, and speak to the customer in simple language.

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Thank You Page Template

We often encounter an outdated “demo version” of the Thank You Page in the form of a pop-up with a short text like “Thank you for your order!”. A modern thank-you page often takes the form of a separate page and may resemble a landing page with several content blocks. Even if it’s a small pop-up window, it can host valuable informational and promotional content. 

Template of a Thank you page: main components

  1. Confirmation of the target action. “You have made a purchase. Order number 7777777“.
  2. Central element — words of thanks. “Thank you for choosing our store!”.
  3. Explanation of what will happen next. “You will receive an email with order details“.
  4. Call to action (CTA). “Create an account to track the order status in your personal cabinet and receive regular customer bonuses!”.
  5. Subscription offer for social networks. “Follow our Instagram for inventory updates”.

There’s no need to limit yourself to the standard set of thank you page elements. You can diversify it by adding a timer (end of the promotion), animation or photo, gamification, or even a video message (especially if it concerns marketing services or an informational product).

Like any marketing tool, the Thank You Page on your site shouldn’t be entirely template-based. The best way to qualitatively fill a thank-you page is to analyze strong competitors and adapt effective ideas to your business.

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Example Thank You Page: Dribbble

Creativity, the ability to surprise and be memorable to everyone — that’s what the developers of the international platform for designers, dribbble.com, wanted and managed to show with their Thank-You Page. Bright 3D animation enhances brand recognition.

Users see this page after registering in the Dribbble community.

Dribbble thank you page

Most modern website builders, such as WordPress.com and Wix, allow for the quick creation of simple thank you pages. Unique design, associated with the brand, plays an important role, so it’s advisable not to limit yourself to text with buttons on a white background.

A Thank You Page After Purchase is Important

A quality thank-you page simultaneously performs several tasks.

number for list one

It increases the duration of the user’s stay on the site, which positively affects organic promotion (SEO). Google considers this metric when ranking a web resource.

number for list two

Every click on a recommendation link placed on the thank-you page increases the site’s conversion.

number for list three

Valuable content, discount promo codes, and free materials all increase customer loyalty. Pleasant surprises will be associated with placing an order at your company if this is considered during the creation of the thank-you page.

number for list four

Requesting to leave an email in exchange for useful information allows expanding the subscriber base and using new sales channels. A good option is to suggest moving to Telegram or another messenger. This way, the user will read messages from you more often than in their email inbox.

Surveys and various forms help marketers better understand their audience and paint a portrait of the average customer.

Purpose of the thank you page

To track the effectiveness of the Thank-You Page, connect it to Google Analytics. Statistical data will help you improve texts, calls to action, and visual effects. For returning customers who are constantly hesitant, there is an option to set up a retargeting code on the Thank-You Page. If the buyer decides to cancel the order at the last moment, the product advertisement will be shown to them over a certain period.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the purpose of the Thank You Page?

— To engage the visitor.
— To encourage an additional purchase.
— To invite subscribing to the newsletter.
— To request feedback.
— To invite to a page with useful information.

What to write on the Thank You Page?

1. Thank the visitor for completing the target action and provide the order number (if applicable).
2. Add an emotional picture, try using a mascot.
3. Explain what the user should expect next: an email will arrive, or they need to follow a link.
4. Offer to subscribe to social networks or newsletters.
5. Set goals in analytics and test several thank you pages simultaneously.

What is the purpose of the thank you page


Remember that a Thank You Page is not only necessary for online stores. Why not thank a blog reader for subscribing to new articles or for leaving a comment? Any action by a website user is valuable to your business.

Express gratitude and use every opportunity to talk more about your products or services. This can be compared to interacting with store salespeople and consultants of various organizations in person. It’s pleasant when they politely say goodbye, and thank you for your visit, isn’t it?

The Thank You Page is responsible for the customer’s emotions at the end of the interaction. Very often, the overall impression of the brand, the desire to leave a positive review, and recommend the company to friends depend on the final interaction. With a Thank You Page, you can evoke positive emotions in site visitors and encourage them to return to you again and again.

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