If some type of advertising appears, it means that it is beneficial to someone. Lead Forms or Lead Ads can be the most profitable sales channels if you find the right way to them.

Automation and creativity are key requirements for those who take risks and won’t be at a loss.

Let’s take a look at what Lead Ads are: advantages, disadvantages, and how to use Lead Ads for your business.

📌 Read the How to connect sending contacts Facebook Lead Form Ads to email. We analyze the work process step by step: from access to forwarding applications to e-mail.

What are we talking about

What are Facebook Lead Ads

Lead Ads (Facebook Lead, lead ads, lead form) is a type of Facebook ad that allows you to receive applications within social networks.

Previously, it was believed that leads can only be received on the website. The traffic was directed to the landing page. This option is still working. But if it’s easier for a client to leave contacts on Facebook, then make it easier for him.

Let’s remember how conversion and traffic advertising works. A person scrolls through the feed on Facebook or Instagram, comes across an ad, clicks on it and sees a pop-up inviting him to a website. Some people leave the website right away. Those who are not frightened by the advertising form go to the site, scroll through it and leave. The most persistent visitors leave contacts.

In the case of Lead Ads, the application form opens on Facebook or Instagram. The network itself pulls up usernames, their phone numbers and e-mail. People are more willing to leave contacts: half of the work has already been done for them by the algorithm and there is no need to fill out all the forms manually.

What Lead Forms contain

Facebook Lead consists of brief product or service information, contact information, customized questions (if applicable), privacy policy, and Thank you page.

User questions are needed to exclude inappropriate applications.

Initially, there are a minimum of questions in the forms. After 10-30 applications, we make a quality analysis. If most of the contacts are casual, add one or two clarifying questions.

Nick Lukashuk, CEO of marketing.link

We have promoted Spanish courses. We analyzed the applications and introduced additional fields – questions about the level of knowledge of Spanish and when a person plans to attend classes. There are much fewer non-targeted applications.

Tip: Don’t be afraid to add questions to your lead form. If people answer additional questions, they are interested in the product / service.

Nick Lukashuk, CEO of marketing.link

Benefits Lead Forms

The main advantages of this ad format are efficiency and low cost. Of course, the price of a contact depends on the type of business, but, as a rule, Lead Ads cost is lower.

We set up advertisements for lavash baking equipment (B2B sphere). If in Google Ads the application cost about $ 30, then Facebook Lead — $ 1.

What business area are Lead Ads suitable for

Lead forms are moreeffective in B2B and in the service industry.

Advertising of expensive or exclusive goods is much more effective than the mass market. If your product doesn’t fit into these niches, then consider other Facebook ad formats first.

Difficulties in working with Lead Forms

With all the advantages (quick setup, affordable price), lead forms also have disadvantages. The main one is that you need an eye and an eye behind the form.

For example, advertising for leads of expensive real estate. Some people would leave contacts immediately, but there will also be those who would consider it necessary to drop a couple of negative comments under the publication. But comments are activity, a manifestation of involvement. Facebook considers angry commenters to be an interested audience. Facebook’s next ad campaign can target them. The bottom line is the use of the budget for non-target customers.

We check the effectiveness of our clients’ Lead Ads every few days. We adjust the advertising campaign strategy every two weeks.

Therefore, the lack of a lead form is a frequent burning out of budget. Check the form and edit regularly.

It is not easy to sell complex products: you need to work out the arguments and doubts of visitors (what the landing page is aimed at). Therefore, it is important to correctly message the proposal: to design a banner, write a good text.

Advertising campaign budget

When calculating a budget for Lead Forms, consider the business topic and the location of the ad display. For example, the cost of an application in the USA is estimated at $ 20-50, in Canada — $ 10-25, in Europe — 5-15 €, in Ukraine — $1-15. The price will be less or more depending on the competition.

We usually expect at least 30 contacts from a lead form. We determine the approximate cost of the application (based on competition and prices of previous years). If a contact costs $ 10, then the budget for the entire campaign should be at least $ 300.

Sometimes the cost of the application increases. Often before the holidays. Unforeseen situations also happen.

The final budget strategy is adopted only after the test setup of the advertising campaign and the first contacts.

Interesting case study

Our client from Israel was selling educational trainings. We started work and immediately reduced the cost of Facebook applications from $ 8 to $ 2.5. Advertising had progressed well. But Facebook had a problem with lawsuits. What did Facebook do for its customers at this moment? Raised advertising prices and faced a choice: get contacts for $ 15 or not get it at all.


There were cases when a lot of targeted contacts came from advertising for $ 200 and our client increased the budget to get an even better result. And it also happened that we set a small budget, in which only 2-3 contacts came every day, because our customer was physically unable to make more calls. So sometimes it is better to use a limited amount of expenses and get fewer contacts than not having time to call potential clients and cause negativity on social networks.

How to combine Lead Ads and CRM

All contacts can be viewed and downloaded from Facebook Publishing Tools. Many agencies check contacts manually once a day. Then they send them to the client. The disadvantage of this method is that this is how the sales department contacts the person who left the contact a day ago. This processing speed is unacceptable for Facebook Lead.

CRM solves the problem: contacts will be automatically created in the system. But we need additional integration services.

Микола Лукашук, CEO в marketing.link

For many years we have been working with the paid integration service Zapier and all received contacts are automatically sent to our clients (in CRM, Google Spreadsheet or by email). Our clients respond quickly to requests and receive more sales.

Nick Lukashuk, CEO of marketing.link

How the sales department work with Facebook Lead

The mission of an advertising agency or SMM studio is to generate applications. But the fate of the further applications is in the hands of the customer.

A contact from a lead form is not a sale yet.

The sales department should get involved as soon as possible. It is recommended to call back a potential client within the first 30 minutes after receiving a contact.

Advice: we have recently set up lead ads for our client. We got about 100 contacts in three or four days. We contacted the client to clarify the quality of contacts. It turned out that he called only 10%. Who knows when the turn will come to the other 90%. After a couple of days, users will not remember that they left their contacts.

In the future, we recommended our client to reduce the budget in order to reduce contacts to the number that managers can handle. Efficiency is our everything!

How the sales department work with Facebook Lead

What to do with Facebook leads

Use the target audience database to set up advertising campaigns. Targeting phone numbers and emails works well. Contact information is needed for remarketing, setting up ads for a Look-alike audience. E-mail-marketing, SMS-mailing, sending in messengers, proring customers — a lot of options for the proper use of contacts in the database.

What other types of ads are there

Not leads alone: use other ad formats, perhaps they will be more profitable. Post Engagement ads, Page Likes are suitable for likes and subscribers, Dynamic Ads for web store promotion. Quite good results are shown by Website Visitors Ads, as well as Ads That Click to Message (chat bots with several scenarios are connected).

Case studies

We show our results, which we got with Lead Ads.

number for list one

Business area — real estate investment. Got 155 contacts with an average value of $ 4.79.

кейс 1 Lead Ads
number for list two

Business area — cosmetology. 34 contacts with an average cost of $ 1.96.

кейс 2 Lead Ads
number for list three

Business area — employment in Europe. 28 applications for $ 0.39.

кейс 3 Lead Ads

Conclusions and recommendations

Lead forms are an effective way to get contacts at a bargain price. Lead ads will work even if you don’t have a website or a well-known profile on a social network. All you need is to correctly set up an advertising campaign and promptly call contacts.

Have you set up Lead ads? What results did you get? Write in the comments.

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