Save time on manual cheking of each lead and open a few times a day page of Publishing Tools.

Just starting out with Facebook Ads and haven’t used Lead Ad before?

The best option is to use the leadsync.me service to send leads to your email (one form per day for free), or the Zapier service.

📌 You can read about what Facebook Lead is and what the benefits of this ad can be in our article “Facebook Lead: how not to drain your budget and rolling in leads”.

Work plan: how to connect sending contacts Facebook Lead Form Ads to email

Choose from which page and which leads to submit.

Work plan: how to connect sending contacts Facebook Lead Form Ads to email

Choose from which page and which leads to submit.

how to connect sending contacts Facebook Lead Form Ads to email

Done 🙂

This is not written, but the free account limits for 1000 submitted leads.

I think that if there are more than a thousand leads, you can already afford to pay $ 9 per month or think about more serious integration.

If you have any questions, then write on email or direct. I was glad to help 🙂

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