August 7-9, 2023 was 3 days event B2B Sales & Marketing Exchange at Encore Boston Harbor, MA, USA.

Marketing Link LLC attended to B2B Sales & Marketing Exchange 2023 (#B2BSMX).

Partners and speakers B2B Sales & Marketing Exchange

Thanks #B2BSMX team for the B2B event, sponsors and partners:

Thanks for the great speeches, keynotes and master classes:

  • Design Your Buying Process To Unlock AI-Driven Insights From A Customer Data Platform (Derek Boshkov, Allison Snow, Elli Plihcik from Demand Spring)
  • Boss Moves: Elevate Your Marketing Leadership In An Erratic Environment (Nick Bennett from TACK GTM, Nirosha Methananda from Sati Marketing)
  • Let’s Get Practical With The Core Four: 4 Must-Have Demand Generation Programs That You Should Prioritize & Why (Ashley Shailer from The Paris Group)
  • The Missing Piece In The Revenue Marketing Engine (Joe McNeill from INFLU2)
  • The B2B Buyer’s Journey — Getting The Data Right (Gary Maggiolino from InterSystems, Marcia Trask from Integrate)
  • Leveraging Data To Reduce Waste, Unlock Focus & Ignite Your Go-To-Market (Amy Holtzman from CHEQ, Ryan Hadfield from ZoomInfo, Deeksha Taneja from ZoomInfo)
  • A Masterclass For Closing More Deals: Elevating The Prospect Experience With Calendly (Ben Wright from Calendly, Klaudia Tirico from Demand Gen Report/B2BSMX)
  • Brand + Demand: How To Develop A Holistic Approach To Demand Generation (Jason Gladu from Avani Media, Eboni Ryan from Digitalzone)
  • Mastering High-Performing Demand Programs: Key Strategies & Insights (Briana Cashman from T-Mobile, Ethan Bynoe from T-Mobile, Andrew Sambrook from INFUSEmedia)
  • The New Role Of Revenue Leaders In The Constantly Changing Go-To-Market World (Sangram Vajre from GTM Partners)
  • Consistency Is Key: Turning Strategy Into Action With Enablement (Roderick Jefferson from Roderick Jefferson & Associates)
  • How B2B Organizations Can Turbocharge Their Growth Engines In Today’s Economy (John Arnold from Forrester Research)
  • The GTM Team Starter Pack For Using AI (Sarah McConnell from Qualified, Nina Butler from
  • Unlocking The Potential Of AI In B2B Go-To-Market: Use Cases, Training Levels & Change Management Challenges (Jeanne Hopkins from Salty Marketing Group)
  • Sell Without Selling: How Stories Still Win The Day (Jeanne Kirby from Inviso Corporation)
  • Walking A Mile In Customers’ Shoes: How To Build A Customer-Centric Marketing Engine (Ajay Manglani from Kognitos)
  • ABM After The Revolution: Back To The Future In The World Of AI (Rob Leavitt from Momentum ITSMA)
  • C Is Not A Bad Grade — When It Stands For The Customer! (Sophia Agustina from IBM, Rob Griffin from Intentsify, Margaret Safford from Greyhairworks)
  • Data Transparency: Building Trust With Revenue Teams Through Process & Data Explainability (Peter Kirk from MadKudu)
  • Self-Diagnosing Your Revenue Engine: How Revenue Diagnostics Make It Easy To Get More From Tech Investments & Improve Marketing Impact (Jennifer Ross from Intentsify, Megan Heuer from Datos Insights, Evelyn Swaim from SecureCo and Stage 2 Capital)
  • Shake And Bake: How CTV Helps B2B Brands Drive Demand (Jon Zucker from MNTN)
  • Unconventional ABM Leads To Unexpected Results: How T-Mobile Leveraged 1:1 Immersive Storytelling (Jiawen Shi from T-Mobile, Garret Krynski from UviaUs)
  • Lunch & Learn: Welcome To The ‘Create And Close’ Era Of B2B Sales (Arianna Valentini from Outreach)
  • Unlock C-Suite Buy-In: 5 Keys To Get Your Marketing Plan Approved (Chris Rack from MRP)
  • Leveraging Intent-Driven ABM For Effective Partner Marketing (Elena Simkina from Acronis, Garrett Mann from TechTarget)
  • No One Knows Who You Are: A Contrarian Take On Lower Funnel B2B Marketing (Koji Takagi from Pluralsight, Ali Haeri from MNTN)
  • The Marketer’s Paradox: How To Scale & Do More With Less While Accomplishing More (Elle Woulfe from Formstack)
  • Unleashing Success: The Tie Across Executive Reporting & BDR Effectiveness (Jon Russo from B2B Fusion)
  • Transforming Buyer + Account Intelligence For Strategic Growth & Scalability (Suzi Jacobs from Zscaler, Andrew Sambrook from INFUSEmedia)
  • Customer Marketing & C/X: The Hot New B2B Revenue Love Story (Allison Snow from Demand Spring)
  • Don’t Let Your Segmentation & Personas Hurt You (Neil Baron from Baron Strategic Partners)
  • Partners As A Recession-Proof GTM Strategy (Amy Bailey from Unusually Unusual Consulting, Andra Hedden from Marketopia, Roger Blohm from JAMMER INC, Kathryn Rose from channelWise)
  • Top 3 Challenges For Women In Revenue Roles (Hana Jacover from Hype House Coaching, Sunniya Saleem from BetterCloud, Ashley Wade from Sago, Britany Carter from Kopis, Camellia Natalini from Babbel)
  • Unleashing ABM Excellence: Strategies For Aligning Sales & Marketing For Maximum Impact (Courtney Beasley from The Cobe Agency)
  • From 20 To 200 People: How To Scale Your B2B Marketing Program For Company Growth (Nirosha Methananda from Sati Marketing, Jess Bahr from Aleph One Marketing)
  • From Concept To Impact: Decoding The Anatomy Of A Successful Launch (Jill Melchionda from Norwest, Lisa Ames from Norwest)
  • Hacking Partnerships: A Proven Framework For Collaborative Growth (Katie Bird from KTB Consulting)
  • Effective B2B Engagement In The Narrative Generation (Peter Prodromou from Boathouse Group)
  • CRO Panel: New Revenue Remedies & Realities (Andrea Eaton from Outsystems, Zach Jones from TechnologyAdvice, Christine Nurnberger from OutSystems, Brooke Duffy from Pickit)
  • Rev Up ABM Engagement With Relevant Content (Jason Dea from Uberflip, Mandy Hanson from Lacework).
  • Let’s Buy Some ABM: 3 Considerations Before Making The Leap Into ABM Tech (Nick Bhutani from Cision)
  • Why Your Superfans Should Be Your Biggest Marketing & Sales Advantage (Mariya from Kalyna Marketing)
  • The Productivity Playbook: Unlocking Time Management & Prioritization Secrets (Hana Jacover from Hype House Coaching)
  • Why Personalization Is Critical For Successful Account-Based Marketing (Sarah Kleinman from Digitalzone, Drew Flowerday from Digitalzone)


A lot of new information on how Marketing Link LLC could be more profitable to Marketing Link clients. Additional thanks to Beth Pyne, Vice President of Marketing at SalientMG for consultation and insides on how you build processes in your agency.

If you are here and read the end of the post, couple insides for the public.

Demand marketing seeks to get audiences to take action immediately — driving shortterm conversion, focus on: Awareness, Perception, Partnership, Sales, Lifetime Value.

The reasons why the Go To Market strategy is not suitable on the slide below.

Go To Market presentation Insides

Account Based Marketing engagement requires us to quickly create highly engaging campaign destinations, driving pipeline, revenue, expansion and retention. 

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