Guide to Facebook: Step-by-Step with Tips.


For the client, it is necessary to find dealers to sell their grain cleaning equipment in other countries.

Region for promotion




In order for the contractor (in this case — us) to be able to work with the advertising campaign, it is necessary to set up Facebook Business Manager and grant partner access to the contractor.

Before starting advertising, it’s preferable to check and, if necessary, set up the Facebook pixel.


As an example, we take a banner sized 1200×628, prepared according to all requirements.

Facebook allows for audience overlap. In our example, this includes individuals interested in farming, particularly grain crops, who are also managers and/or business owners.

Therefore, considering Canada as the target region, we will use it as an example. The more extensive the data (analytics), the more accurately you can narrow down your advertising. Simultaneously target your website and analyze traffic through Google Analytics.

The process

We go to the Ads Manager and create a campaign with the Lead Generation objective to find dealers in Canada.

How to set up Facebook lead ads

Name the campaign according to the general structure to effectively manage all campaigns and avoid confusion in names. This also applies to test groups for different audiences. If you have multiple pages, make sure Facebook has chosen the correct one.

leads on Facebook
advertising for leads on Facebook
In our case, we intersected the audiences of farmers and business managers. We set a test budget of $5 per day.

Next, we write the ad copy and select the image.

facebook leads

Set up the forms.

How to set up Facebook lead ads
Facebook Leaderboard Manual

It is advisable to add 2-3 non-standard questions to prevent irrelevant contacts and save the budget: after all, we pay for filled forms.

The data will be accessible on the page, under the publishing_tools tab, in LEAD_ADS_FORMS.{url_company}/publishing_tools/?section=LEAD_ADS_FORMS

Instead of {url_company}, insert your own address. Additionally, you can set up the forwarding of contacts from FB lead ad forms to your email.

If you have any questions, write in the comments, or by email, or in direct messages. I’ll be glad to help 🙂

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