The client has been working with PPC advertising for a long time and has their own marketer on staff. They reach out to the agency annually for corrections and to adjust for the latest Google updates.

The account was in relatively good condition and was generating profit for the company.



Rental of hardware

Business field

Ukraine, Kyiv



by 3.9 times

Leads increased

by 2.7 times

Increased conversion rate

Previous contractors set up broad match keywords (with modifiers), exact match, and even the standard list of negative keywords.

Liked the fact that they used up-to-date extensions and didn’t waste traffic in the Display Network.

Before these contractors, another team had worked on the project, and the latter refused to share the “working tricks” of their predecessors. So, they just set up their own new campaign.

The PPC Work Process

number for list one

We analyzed all existing ad campaigns, including the paused ones.

number for list two

Identified potential categories for testing.

number for list three

Set up all current types of assets.

number for list four

Found categories that, for some reason, were not profitable despite similar click costs and view counts.

Configured the Display Network, which converted to applications at 0.0024% in the first month and was profitable.

Likely, previous contractors didn’t invest enough time and effort, knowing the work was only for one month and then no payment.

We, on the other hand, announced a higher cost for our services but set everything up correctly. If we’re working, we’re going all out.

Check out the results in the table.


ClicksAverage Click PriceCostConversion RateAverage Click Price
Before3018$ 0,19$ 6000.46%$ 42,86
After4338$ 0,14$ 6311.27%$ 11,48

We managed to increase the number of inquiries by 3.9 times without changing the budget by optimizing campaigns based on data available in Google Analytics and part of the settings (keywords, extensions, and campaigns) added by ourselves. We removed non-resulting traffic and increased the conversion rate by 2.7 times.

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