On September 27, 2023, the Small Business Expo event took place at the Phoenix Convention Center, Phoenix, AZ, USA. Marketing Link LLC was in attendance, seizing the opportunity for business networking and education tailored for Small Business Owners & Entrepreneurs.

About Small Business Expo

Touted as America’s biggest business-to-business trade show, the Small Business Expo draws in thousands of Small Business Owners eager to explore products & services from vendors across the spectrum. Here are some fast facts:

  • Each show sees a registration of 3,000+ Business Owners on average.
  • A substantial 81% of attendees are Owners & C-Level Executives.
  • A promising 90% of participants plan to return the following year.
  • Annually, $12.7B+ is funneled into Trade Shows.
  • Small Businesses make up a staggering 99% of all national businesses.
  • According to 81% of participants, Trade Shows play a crucial role in new product and service discovery.
  • A significant 91% of attendees cite Trade Shows as their primary source of pivotal buying information.
  • About 51% of attendees anticipate making a purchase within a year.

Experiences & Acknowledgments 

We extend our gratitude for the organization of such an impactful business-to-business trade show, conference, and networking event. The atmosphere in Phoenix was buzzing, with opportunities for speed networking and dedicated areas for business card exchanges. It’s clear that attending the Small Business Expo represents a strategic alignment with the adage, “being in the right place at the right time.”

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