On September 14, 2023, the Seattle Business Club Meetup took place at Capital One Café, Seattle, WA, USA. Marketing Link LLC was there, participating in the morning coffee business meetup.

About Seattle Business Club Meetup

Every week, a diverse group of business owners, founders, and creators comes together to engage in coffee chats about their work, projects, and passions. They support one another’s growth and achievement of remarkable goals. Some members have been in business for decades, experienced multiple exits, or have expanded their businesses to generate millions of dollars in revenue.

This gathering isn’t all business, though. It’s also about enjoying coffee and discussing various topics in a relaxed and friendly environment.


This is an opportunity to broaden your network, share ideas, and establish valuable relationships with like-minded individuals.


A huge thanks to Biz Baby for organizing this. It was fantastic to meet everyone at the large table on the second floor. Looking forward to the next visit to Seattle — we’ll be there for the evening event as well. Hopefully, there’ll be even more attendees then! ?

About Seattle Business Club Meetup
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