The client’s advertising on Google and Facebook is working successfully our task was to set up Bing Ads.

They plan to test LinkedIn (for this topic, a minimum of $ 2 per click is relatively inexpensive), but the current case is about Bing.

Bing Ads


Agricultural machinery

Business field

USA, Canada



by 10 times

Increased number of leads

by 30%

The cost per leads decreased


What we faced at the start

At the beginning, there was 1 campaign with 1 group and 1 broad match keyword without any negative keywords. Also, from this source, we were able to get an average of 1 leads per month.

Initially, we conduct Facebook targeting (Paid Social) as a service, and in the first month, our offers to help and see what and how with another source of leads were ignored. But we were persistent. ☺️

In our work, we noticed that many farmers in the USA and Canada use Bing. Interestingly, when we asked (tested in a form, then in conversation) how they found out about us, 90% of those who came from Bing said they found us through Google. But you can’t fool analytics. ☺️

A few words about Yahoo Gemini

Yahoo Gemini, unfortunately, is not particularly relevant for this topic. We advertise the site through Google Ads.
On the downside, there was a moment when Yahoo was “pulling” an old phone number from somewhere, which is no longer on the site.
Google’s support specialists couldn’t help, so for a while, we removed the phone number extension and then added it back, thereby fixing the bug.

And yet, in Bing, we managed to increase the number of leads in the narrow niche of grain cleaners at a better than acceptable price for the client.



Look at the results in the table:

 ClicksAverage cost per clickCostConversion rate %Cost per leads
Before188$ 0,60$ 112,650,53%$ 112,65
After649$ 1,22$ 791,291,54%$ 79,13
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