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Make progress in SEO, PPC, Paid Social, Analytics and Content-marketing

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Work without deliberation and rubbish

We are looking for like-minded people

You will be part of a close-knit team of data and analytics geeks, marketers. We are setting up the latest strategies in digital marketing. Our main tasks are to build exponential success on the web for our clients’ businesses.

/01 Send CV

Don’t forget your cover letter. Indicate why you want to work with us, what marketing areas you are interested in. Often we give tasks for the attentive, do it and attach it to your cover letter.

/02 Wait for the message

If your previous experience and attentiveness test are successful, then the manager will message you. The interview will ask about experience and skills from your CV. Based on the answers, the manager decides to invite you to interview with supervisor.

/03 Interview with your supervisor

After interviewing, the manager communicates with you online. Prepare to be it may take 30-40 minutes. Logical tasks await you at the interview, because we are adherents of analytics and the logical thinking of the candidate is necessary.

Who we’re looking for:

What you’ll do:

The list of duties will change over time. As you get better at marketing, competencies will grow.

Search Ads: optimize campaigns (pick keywords, add negative keywords, create campaigns).

Paid Social: launch ads (leads, traffic, promotion, video ads), set up integrations (chatbots, automation of leads).

SEO: coordinate the work of the content department, set tasks for copywriters, track deadlines in Worksection and Google Docs. Secret assignment to the attentive: write the name of your favorite book in the cover letter.

Google Analytics: analyze key indicators and provide reports. For our part, we teach you. Priority is your desire, activity and attentiveness. We welcome those who have a lot of relevant questions.

What you’ll get:

Benefits and perks

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Cozy office or remote work

We work in an in light colors office, each employee has a Dell laptop (SSD, i7, FHD) or macbook after half-year working, an orthopedic chair, a calm (but sometimes very funny) atmosphere.

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English lessons

Every week an English tutor comes to our office. Upgrade your level!



We’re playing board games, going to the office party, sharing marketing memes — all that brings a good mood at work.

Growing up

Growing up

Our experts write blog articles and speak at conferences. We hope you will continue these traditions.

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Snacks and drinks

Coffee, cream, syrups, biscuits, chocolates, 10 types of tea, nuts and dried fruits are in the kitchen.

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We have developed a system of manuals and instructions, lists of references and a small library. We encourage and organize participation in specialized events.

We are not only united in the field of activity, but also common values. We try to hire specialists to make them fit together.

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Quality work on time

We do not count efficiency by office hours. If the task is completed, then your 10-minute delay will not be noticeable. If you do not have time to pass the task on time, then you need to explain the cause and identify ways to solve this problem.

Continuous learning

We create conditions for continuous development. Complex tasks, experienced colleagues, personal communication with the manager, manuals and videos for newcomers help in this.

Proactive approach to work

We value independence and initiative. Those people who can be given a task and it will be done perfectly. Those who do the job on deadline without reminders. Do not make careless mistakes. It is important that you know how to ask questions, discuss ideas with colleagues and offer your help.

Continuous growth

You will either grow with us, or we will not work together. The salary depends on how much better you do your job, not on market trends or economic conditions.

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Before submitting your CV

Read carefully, we recommend that you do before sending a CV. We will read your CV, if it says, for example, that you know Excel well, then we will ask about the functions. Write to us about your hobbies, hobbies except work.


Decide what you expect from your career and work in our company. We support ambitious and motivated people.


Don’t despair if you have little experience in marketing. If you are an intelligent, talented and hardworking person, we will be happy to discuss cooperation with you.


We really appreciate that you want to work with us and read this page. But we want to know why you want to work with us, so before applying for a job, think about it.


Don’t make mistakes in your CV, check commas, extra and double spaces. Typos, spelling and grammatical mistakes lead us to believe that you aren’t attentive to details. All our work is in the details: skipping one digit in analytics can ruin a project.


Read our blog articles and check our case studies out. Take the time to get to know our company and talk about it in your interview. We appreciate the attention we receive.


Don’t apply until you are sure what you can do to grow the company. We succeed because of our skills, experience and qualifications. We are not training courses where people come to “gain experience”. While our employees are too valuable to teach the basics of marketing. We teach the processes and analysis field-tested.

Frequently asked questions

We combined the frequently asked questions of the candidates and have tried to answer them as honestly.

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I am a student. Can you get an internship?

We invite for an internship only in individual cases: CEO, Mykola Lukashuk, teaches marketing at the Kiev University of Culture and invites the most successful students for an internship.

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I live in another city. Can I work remotely?

Yes, you can.

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How to get news about your company?

We try to write about all important news on Facebook and Instagram. In Youtube spread training courses and webinars recording.

Facebook —
Instagram —
YouTube —

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Accept the CV, if there are no job openings?

Yes, send your resume to

Tell us about your experience

Our marketer Julia reads all CV. We do not have HR-department, because we are confident that only marketers can form a marketing team.

 or send by mail:

Yuliia Zozulia

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